Small Corrections and Thursday’s Podcast

We were just going through all the website posts from the last few days, and other than the fact we can’t seem to spell “announcement” properly, we did see a couple things that need clarification.

  • With the new Xbox 360 dashboard, you will not lose your gamerpics or themes. They will be incorporated into the new system. So don’t worry, your investment is safe.
  • The interview about Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zahir was hosed when we checked the digital recorder. We’ll try to get a second bite at that apple on Thursday.
  • Hawkes lies. His god is Ken Levine.
  • If you didn’t catch it on the podcast, Fallout 3’s release date is “Fall 2008.” I asked one of the lead designers if I would have it by my birthday (which is firmly in winter, so it was a bit of a softball), he said, “Absolutely.”
  • Finally, and most importantly, the Thursday podcast is cake… as in “it’s a lie.” Well, most probably a lie. Being idiots, we didn’t take into account that Edie is checking out of her hotel, and therefore internet is not possible. No internet, no podcast. So, take the day off, catch up on the other stuff, and we’ll try to swing one together for Friday night.

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