An Update and an Order

Hi folks,

Sorry for jingling your naughty bits and having you hang on. Edie arrived home late last night, and promptly slept for 9 hours, only to awake and find that her laptop charger went Penn and Teller on her. She’s going to get a replacement one and have the lead developer walkthrough podcast for you by tomorrow. (That’s Saturday.)

Sorry about that. :( It’ll totally be worth it though. I’ll have to give another clue: This person wasn’t on my gaming god short list, but he should be, and no it’s not Ken Levine, who certainly deserves to be on that list as well.

Another update: Circumstances has us recording the E3 wrap up podcast SUNDAY night instead of tonight. Sorry for the delay, but Edie needs to catch up on some Real Life shit. As do I.

Finally: The order:


Do not walk, do not run, get into a car and drive at top speed (don’t hit anyone!) plunk your money down and give it to Christopher Nolan and the cast. I order you to do it. The best part of this order?

You will soooooo thank me for it. :)

I’m writing up a review that I’ll post here. It will be spoiler free, but here’s a hint:

When the credits started to roll, I was crying my eyes out from awe.

That’s not a typo, and that’s not an exaggeration, I will repeat it: I cried when it was over, so much so my wife had to drive us home.

Now will you see it?


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