E3 2008: Everything you wanted to know!


With E3 drawing to an end, and what an E3 it was, some of you may have missed some information, and probably had to pop over to to see your favourite upcoming games. However, the lovely folks over at IGN have been streaming interviews, and the three conferences, all week, and like TV on demand, you can view what you’ve missed.

Simply go to the website link below, install IGN’s web player (less than 1mb disk space) and you’re away. You can pick a day of the week at the bottom of the page, and view IGN’s interviews with developers, which are basically a sit on the couch chat, the developer playing the game, and talking about it/answering questions from IGN.

So whether it’s Gears of War 2,  Killzone 2, Mirror’s edge, or you just want to watch the Microsoft conference in full, you can view them all here. And the picture quality is excellent. Enjoy.

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