Fat Princess GamePlay (PS3)

When I first stepped in to the Sony press room, I was hoping to quickly get my hands on some Resistance 2 or Killzone 2, but unfortunately those were hot games, that had lines of people ready to play. Instead our beautiful Sony host Jill, walked us in to a game that was sure to fail in many ways due to the title name “Fat Princess”. Boy were we wrong, Fat Princess quickly threw out all negative impressions of the game as soon as we sat down at their booth. It is a 32 player online game 16 vs 16 with tons of game modes and 10 maps at release. The one game mode that was shown to us was capture the princess, an interpretation of the good old capture the flag type of game. The objective of the game is to protect your flag (in this case your enemies princess), while at the same time trying to steal back your princess from the opposing castle. Now that might sound easy, but how about if your enemy feeds your princess so much that she gains 500 pounds, and becomes almost impossible to carry. That right, hence the name “Fat Princess”. In order to protect the princess you would need to feed her cake every time a enemy gets close of taking her and make it harder for the enemies to carry her back to the correct castle and win. Of course, you can always slash the opponent and spill their blood everywhere to avoid a fat princess capture as well. This is a PSN game for the PS3, scheduled to release early 2009 for a price ranging from 9.99 to 14.99(not confirmed yet). Although Fat Princess looks cute, believe me this is not for kids, it has blood like a blood bank. Be on the look out for this one, its going to be hot!

Enjoy the Video Footage.

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