Exclusive Peter Molyneux Video Interview About Fable 2

Ok, we have 3 parts to this one

Platform Nation scores an exclusive interview with Peter Molyneux as he talks to us about his upcoming hit Fable 2.

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  • Richard Webster

    Wow, great work Steve, I think my knowledge of this game just trippled man. Peter is a nice bloke aswell, obviously because he's an Englishman 😉

  • Ross_Campo

    The dog buddy system is pretty funny. Fable 2, Fall Out 3. What is next?

  • Lewis

    The third part isn't working!! 🙁

  • Todd

    Halo 4 lol

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  • stinger822

    These vids are awesome, the interviewer drags more info from PM about Fable 2 than anyone else has in anyother vids ive seen before. well done.

  • Chad001

    I thought the question regarding the current games coming out with morality meters was pretty poor. PM has been making games with 'good evil' choices since black & white (2001) [and probably since before then but i'm not that old] and obviously the original fable (2004) and stopped PM from sharing that spoiler he mentioned.