Nyko’s TS line cooling near you

Nyko Introduces the Intercooler TS line cooling systems for both the 360 and the PS3

The XBOX360’s will now be A/C powered unlike the previous version, and will have an automatic sensing feature that will automatic turn the fans on when the 360 gets to a certain temp. The noise will still be present, but it does have an on/off switch this time around. The price will be $24.99

The PS3’s version of the new TS line will also be A/C powered and will have a fan speed control nob, to adjust it to the speed of your liking. Turn it down while watching a flick, or turn it up while playing some MGS4. The image above of the PS3 TS is not the final designed. Nyko is going to make it look a bit more sleek before release date. The price will be $29.99

Both products are scheduled to be released around August-September 2008

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  • jimmy

    It does bad. 1st The intercooler traps the hot air between your ps3 or xbox and the intercooler and when the air gets very hot the intercooler turns on, when it turns on it gets the air out and then when your ps3 or xbox is cool down it turns off and then traps again the hot air and it repeats this stages until your ps3 or xbox dies. This intercoolers cools and overheats at the same time.

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