More Gears of War

by Erik “Z thirteen07″ Johnsen

Fans of the popular Epic Games, Inc. production “Gears of War” have recently been treated to a lot of footage from the upcoming sequel due out this November.

Today, Epic and book publisher Del Rey announced that there would be three Gears of War novels based on the game. The first, Gears of War: The Battle of Aspho Fields, will go on sale on October 28, 2008. Just in time to whet your appetite for the second game in the series.

The first book is written by the best selling author Karen Traviss. The British author penned the #1 New York Times bestseller Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Revelation, as well as other Star Wars: Republic Commando novels.

The Battle of Aspho Fields will focus on Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago as they make a last stand at the final human stronghold on the planet Sera. Past secrets and an old comrade threatens to shake the friendship of Marcus and Dom to the breaking point.

Epic Games’ president Michael Capps said, “This trilogy of novels opens up whole new worlds of storytelling opportunities, and will add even more context to the upcoming comic book series, game sequel and motion picture. We loved Karen Traviss’ work on the Republic Commando series, and we can’t wait to get her Gears book to our fans.”

Gears and Karen Traviss fans alike should look forward to this match. Del Rey editor Keith Clayton said, “…I’m happy to announce that the marriage of Karen Traviss and chainsaw bayonets is a match made in heaven—or hell, if you happen to be a Locust drone.”

Should be a fun ride for readers and gamers come this fall.

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