WTFITN?!? Feminists unhappy with Fat Princess

So during E3 I was lucky enough to see a game, Fat Princess, that will be coming to the PSN towards the end of the year. This game was amazing, it offered 32 player online play, 5 different player types and a very unique game modes. The whole premise of this game is to rescue your princess from the enemy while keeping their princess in your castle. One of the ways you can help do this is by fattening her up with piece of cake that you can get from the woods outside your castle.

So because of this feminist are now in an uproar due to the fact they think its unfair to make the princess fatter rather then just weighing her down with some other means. Seriously, this is a game, a great game, don’t try to ruin it because you might have some weight issues or issues with the way the game is played. Fat Princess is nothing more then a game, and an awesome game if that, shame on you for trying to cripple it.

Anyways here is a video of you all to enjoy this game, its coming to the PSN this fall and from what I saw of it at E3 it is a must buy.

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  • Scott

    You have to be kidding me its a game if it was a fat dude would that make it all better. Some people need to grow up we have far greater problems than complaining about a game.

  • X3R09

    This is f***ing ridiculous! Society needs to grow up! It's a damn game. Video games are nothing more than art. So people need to grow up and stop being so damn sensitive. If something offends you, don't pay attention to it.

  • Desz

    There are many pretty Fat Princesses out there….somewhere….

  • Ross_Campo

    Good joke. Now where is the real story. :p

  • mik

    I'm VERY excited for this game to drop. But I don't think that these concerns are entirely without merit. You have to wonder why, when the concept of the game and its mechanics are so ingenious, does it need to be themed and titled as it is? It doesn't, of course–it's just done that way because it's attention-getting and it's considered funny. I'm not going to lie and say I didn't snicker at it myself, but it does serve as a reminder that video games have been historically awful at portraying female characters–whether it's a helpless Princess Peach who needs rescuing, or an impossibly bouncy Kasumi doing roundhouse kicks in a dental floss bikini. Inasmuch as video game players and creators want the medium to be taken seriously (and I fully understand that FP is far from a "serious" game), it would behoove them to consider how some of these depictions look to a person unfamiliar with games. Personally, I'd love to see more games with female characters like Elena from Uncharted–real people with real proportions and brains, and fewer idiotic stereotypes.

  • Silverthorne

    Stupid people make my brain hurt.