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If you have ever tried to play a Tiger Woods PGA Tour Game you will know that unless you are Tiger Woods it is going to take a lot of practice, or MS points, in order to compete.  Golf: Tee It Up! would be the complete opposite from this; in fact my friend, Luck503, was getting eagles and long distance chip-ins on his second round of 18.  This just demonstrates Golf: Tee It Up!’s casual pick-up and play style that would be a great addition to everyone’s XBLA library.

Gameplay: A-

Golf: Tee It Up can be just your classic 3 A button click golf game, but for the golfer that wants a little more depth it has that also (see Controls).  When you first start Golf : Tee It Up! you will notice the quick play option, for when you just want to get to hitting some balls, or you have the choice to pick from stroke, match or cup challenge modes.  Add to this the option of 1-4 player local, multi- or co-op modes and, over Xbox Box Live, 2-4 player multi- or co-op play and what you have is one highly addictive golf game!  Did I mention the Character Customization? No.  Well it is in here also.  You can pick between Male/Female Characters, as well as customize their clothing.  Everything from hair, shirts, pants, shoes, and gloves is customizable; and sometimes even humorous, as choices range from bunny and monster parts to studious and work attire.  Although more options would have been nice there is word of future DLC coming!

Controls: B+

As stated above Golf: Tee It Up! can be played as just a 3-click A button style game that anyone could pick-up and play, or for the more in depth golfer this game has the detailed controls they would be looking for.  Before your shot use the Left/Right Bumpers, for the map and flight of ball respectively.  The Left Stick is used for the majority of movements, while the Right Stick determines the spin placed on the ball (see orange dot on ball in upper right of screen).  The Left and Right Triggers move through the available clubs, while the B Button can add a boost to each shot, if you still have any Focus Time left (more on later).  Once the shot is all lined up is when the 3-click A Button comes into play.  Once to start the swing, once to set the power of the shot and one to set the accuracy. 
Then after the ball is hit is when the Focus Time comes into play.  Using the Left Stick you can make minor changes to the path of the ball, granted you have Focus Time left.  This is limited to 4.0 seconds per hole and can be compounded from hole to hole (up to 12.0 seconds).  While the Focus Time does not do major changes in the path of the ball, I would suggest the best time to use the Focus Time is with a putter in hand.  After lining up your putt holding down the X Button will show you the path the putt will take.  Since the putting is the hardest part of Golf: Tee It Up! this helps read the hills and valleys of the greens; making putting a lot easier!

Graphics/Sound: A

Golf: Tee It Up! uses a detailed, cartoonist style which fits right in with its casual setting.  Running in 720p, and with very little online lag, I have not experienced any issues with the graphics of Golf: Tee It Up!  In fact I find myself getting lost in the scenario while playing looking for hidden easter eggs.  Using 5.1 Surround Sound my friend and I experience what we thought to be a bird in the house, but soon realized it was the games.  Also just a hint:  if you see or hear a bunny hoping around, and happen to be wearing some bunny attire, hit your ball near the bunny for another “special sound”!

Replayabiltiy: B

With 1-4 player local play, 2-4 player local/online/co-op play in a variety of modes like stroke, match or cup challenges Golf: Tee It Up! will have you playing over and over by yourself, with friends, and/or against random people over Xbox Live.  The only issue I have with Golf: Tee It Up! is it launched with only two (2) courses, Caribbean and Parkland.  As stated above, it has already been said that future DLC courses and character customization pieces will be release, not yet known if premium or free DLC, but one more course, at least, would have been a welcome addition.

Overall: A-

I would say with its single player alone I would recommend to go download/play the trial and give Golf: Tee It Up! a serious consideration for purchase.  But then add in all of its various local and online modes, the detail that two people on the same console can go online and play those various modes; I would say to stop reading this now and go purchase Golf: Tee It Up! its that good.

Then after you purchase it send a message to any of the XBLRadio Hosts and let play a round!

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Golf: Tee It Up! ScreenShotGolf: Tee It Up! ScreenShotGolf: Tee It Up! ScreenShotGolf: Tee It Up! ScreenShotGolf: Tee It Up! ScreenShotGolf: Tee It Up! ScreenShotGolf: Tee It Up! ScreenShotGolf: Tee It Up! ScreenShotGolf: Tee It Up! ScreenShotGolf: Tee It Up! ScreenShot

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