Burnout Paradise ‘Cagney’ update delayed again for Xbox 360

Ouch, it had happened once more. It appears that AGAIN the Burnout Paradise update nicknamed “Cagney” will be delayed on the Xbox 360.

Have you have had that dream where you’re running down a hallway but are unable to reach the exit because the doorway is constantly stretching out of reach? For fans of Burnout Paradise for the Xbox 360, this has become a waking nightmare, as Criterion has again pushed back the title’s forthcoming “Cagney” update until early August.

Criterion is currently “aiming” to release the free update on August 4, nearly a month after the patch arrived on the PS3. However, according to a post on the dev’s website, this merely represents the “earliest” that we can expect it to show up. Interestingly, while the previous hold-up was laid at the feet of Xbox Live’s burdensome certification process, this latest information indicates that the update, much like the patience of street carnage virtuosos, is now in the “final stages of testing.”


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