Happy Birthday Keith from Critical Strike

picture has been removed due to request, sorry

Its time for another birthday here at Platform Nation. This times it’s Keith Harbourt’s from the Critical Strike Podcast. Keith on be half of all of us at Platform Nation, I want to wish you a great day today and hopefully today might actually be that day for you.

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  • GUI J

    Happy Barf-day keith i hope you get some stank on the hang low so you can change your plaque.

  • chiahippo

    Happy B-Day. Next year I need to remember to pick you a a rocking chair and Geritol.

  • X3R09

    Happy Birthday!

  • CooperHawkes

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEITH!! Now don't get older.. arthritis sucks for game playing.. I should know…

  • Mr_B4

    Happy Birthday

  • Scott

    Happy Birthday Keith

  • cephiros

    Very Happy Birthday to you Keith, hope it goes well.

  • Desz

    Happy B-day!

  • Kelly Gomes

    Happy birthday man. Better late then never. K Rock