WipEout HD Delayed

Where was the PSN version of WipEout at E3 you might ask, well there was a good reason why.

 Many, many things were missing from E3 last week but if you’re a Sony fan, one of them was anything to do with the long-awaited PSN version of WipEout.

The streamlined HD racer was strangely absent from Sony’s E3 conference, with the firm citing technical difficulties as the culprit.

We’ve been playing a near finished version of the game here in the office for ages now. Check out these exclusive movies to see how pretty it looks. All we were waiting for then was news of a release and how much it would set us back.

Imagine our surprise when we were told that the game had failed epilepsy tests and has to be re-engineered as a result before it can be released to the public.

CVG has been told that WipEout “fails the epilepsy tests so much that it has to be re-engineered.” All that speed and flashing lights zipping past your eyes must be too much to handle.

No further details were available, such as how long this re-working might take but we’ve contacted Sony and are still awaiting an official response on the status of WipEout HD and when we can expect to see it launch on PSN.

Sometimes a delay is a good thing and here is a prime example of why delays are needed.


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