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Nyko to me is a awesome company, not only do they seem to always have the best 3rd party accessories for my gaming needs but they were also the company that invited us to E3 this year so they definitely moved up a peg on my list for how they have always treated myself and our staff.

Now on to their booth. The Nyko booth actually had a very clean layout, the areas were open, well lit, white colored, to me it seemed very Apple-like. So their booth had a very nice appeal to me as a fan of Apple’s style. They were also the only company at E3 that brought in booth girls which were a huge surprise and great addition in my opinion. One of the girls were greeting people as they walked into the booth and the other was preparing a special blend of Nyko mixed drinks that actually tasted very good and really helped jump start the morning.


Anyways that’s enough of the booth lets get right into their products that they were showing because I know that is why they were there in the first place. The first product we saw was their new line of intercoolers, their Intercooler TS. The TS is a upgrade to their current line of their EX series and it offers a few improvements like a smaller profile, self powered and an actually temperature sensor that monitors your Xbox 360. They are also going to soon be releasing a Intercooler TS that will work on the PS3. Now this one actually works great because this will be the first and only intercooler that will work on ALL PS3’s, it’s also self powered and it has a dial setting where you can turn up or down the fan speeds to your liking depending on what you are doing to help control noise.


The next thing I look at was their charge bases. Now I already own the Wii Charge Station and anyone else that owns one will agree that it is a must have for any Wii owner. But what was new this year were the additions of the Nyko Charger Base 360 and the Charge Base 2 for the PS3. While I really wouldn’t see myself using he 360 version that much, I could easily see myself using the PS3 version due to the fact I really dislike having to plug my PS3 controllers into my PS3 to charge them and currently that is the only way. What the Charge Base 2 does is it has a small and light attachment that contects to your SixAxis or Dual Shock 3 controllers and it uses that piece to charge it when it’s in it’s base. The piece that attaches to your controllers adds no weight to the controller itself, it just snaps onto the front on the controller where your usb connection is and that little piece actually is the contact point in the charger. So now not only will you have somewhere to put your controllers but it will charge them at the same time, to myself this is a must by and I will be picking up one of these in the extremely near future.


The other peripheral that I got my hands on for the PS3 was the Media Hub+. It plugs into your PS3 console in the front and it’s designed to help out those that bought the 20/40 GB version, like myself, and it give us 2 additional USB ports and a SD/Memory Stick card reader. The other great thing about the Media Hub+ that I noticed was that it really looks clean while attached to your PS3. It’s not bulky at all and it isn’t something that you will want to remove after you clip it onto your PS3.


On to their Nintendo Wii products now, I saw the Charge Station and again, if you own a Wii and if you don’t have a Charge Station your in the wrong, fix yourself, this is the biggest must have for the Wii, right behind Wii Sports which comes with the console. They had the Nyko Perfect Shot on display too (the Perfect Shot was also the name of the drink I had, boy was it good and it really hit the spot), I really didn’t play with it though because I already own 2 of these. I bought them because the Wii has several shooting games on it like House of the Dead, Resident Evil and a couple more, the Perfect Shot on these games makes them so much fun and it’s a huge improvement over what Nintendo sells with their Wii Zapper.

Then I saw the Cord-Free and the Kama. Now we already did a review for the Cord-Free so be sure to check that out here, and the Kama, to me, like like the Cord-Free x10 in coolness. It gets rid of the cords completely. You attach a little dongle to the bottom of your Wii Remote and instead of using Nintendo’s Nunchuck you use Nyko’s Kama which has 0 cords and it feels like a huge improvement over your other options. Unfortuantly I’ve never had a chance to use the Kama first hand but I know a few people that own them and I have heard nothing but great things about them.


There was a few other Wii products there that interested me such as the Energy Pak for the Wii Balance Board which offered an extremely easy rechargeable option to the Wii Balance Board. They had the Wireless Sensor Bar which gives you the option to take your sensor bar anywhere without having to plug it in anywhere that uses AA batteries, and I saw their Net Connect, an easy way to connect your Wii to the internet using a Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi.


That was pretty much all I saw at their booth, on my way out I got a little hands of time with Nyko’s Frontman Wireless Guitar, it’s a nice guitar that’s wireless and works with both Guitar Hero III and Rock Band, it even has the ability to use all the special features for both of the games.

Overall though I have to say that Nyko’s booth, while not the biggest booth at E3 was surely one of the best layout booths there as you probably already saw from Desz’s video tour.

Well that is a wrap for our first Platform Nation booth in review, I really hope you enjoyed it. I’ll have some more coming in the upcoming weeks from all the other booths I saw there along with my impressions. Please be sure to do me a favor and leave us some feedback as since we don’t actually make any money at Platform Nation, your comments and feedback are what we use as motivation to continue.

To see the rest of their summer line up, click here, I created a photo album of what Nyko has to offer.

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  • Jelloshotts

    The intercoolers seem real nice. Not everyone needs a Wii charge station. I bout oneand still havent used a controler.

  • Scott

    I agree the 360 version of the charge station I would not be that apt to use it ,but for the PS3 it will be great no more plugging into the console to charge the controller. I will be on the look out for this one.

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