XBLRadio is having a Baby!

We here at XBLRadio have always considered ourselves a fertile bunch of gamers.

With me having a son, to X3R0’s twin girls, to former hosts Steve519’s new born daughter, to MrCarpalTunnel’s game reviewing gang of boys, to Gui J’s heard he is raising (he’s Catholic, what you expect?), future gamers is something we are not short of in the XBLRadio Past and Present Family!  Heck even KemansWar adopted King L3pr3chaun just to say he has a kid!

Anyways, to aid in XBLRadio’s ultimate goal of gaming domination today we announce the newest member to the XBLRadio Family!  Although not an official host anymore this person has a special place in the hearts of all loyal XBLRadio Listeners!

And without further ado I give to you the newest, soon to be, addition to XBLRadio’s Family…

(get it? it’s a mini-ranchero)

That’s right; Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Ranchero, Former Host of XBLRadio .5 “Live on Live” Show, have confirmed to XBLRadio, through The Gamer’s Pub, that they are expecting a BABY Ranchero!

I know having my son was a life altering experience and for the first 6-8 I got to play a lot of video games while he was napping and between feedings.  Then not so much!

So everyone raise a glass and join all of us here at XBLRadio in CONGRATULATING Rusty and his wife on the exciting news and upcoming bundle of joy!

We miss you here at XBLRadio Rusty and wish you and yours All the Best!

Please leave comments on this post and they will be forwarded along to Rusty!

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