60GB Xbox 360’s In Stock Now is reporting that Targets across the country not only have them but are currently selling them.

Amazon and Circuit City might have that new 60GB Xbox 360 SKU up for pre-order with delivery in August, but Microsoft’s game console has always tended to pop up in Targets first, and this time out’s no exception — yep, there it is, hanging out in NYC.

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  • raymo

    Not sure what the point of this is really? Unless devs are going to start using the harddrive like PS3 devs have to do? There's more info/pictures on this here- “>

  • cephiros

    Well, I purchased a 120GB hard drive for my Xbox 360 because I was getting really low on space. I have tons of Rockband DLC and I am going to make heavy use of the Game copy feature. I'm sure this is why this SKU is bing sold.

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