Leaked ‘New Xbox Experience’ Installs on Modded 360’s

I’m not sure who allowed this to leak out but I can guarantee you that someone at MS is in trouble. Along with anyone installing this.

It has finally been done but NOTE, only modded systems at this point are able to do the install. The process is quite easy if you cannot figure it out but will not be released at this time. A fellow member here by the name of xg4m3r has discovered a path for modded consoles to install the update as you can see in the video below. Like I said in update 8 we are still working on this process to see if we can manage anything on retail consoles. We are not releasing anything at this time but more news is to come soon. Enjoy for tonight because tomorrow should be a whole other day! See you soon!
NOTE: Your Xbox 360 NEEDS to have the Infectus 2 Chip in the system for this work. Not just a modded FW hack the chip is required also. Sorry for the confusion!


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  • Scott

    Someone will be in deep for this one at Microsoft, but I still am not sold on the change