Subscribe To Comcast, Get A Free Wii is reporting that Comcast is having a special where if you become a Triple Play Subscriber (cable, phone and internet) you can get a free Wii. Sounds really interesting but think twice before you jump on that deal.

We’ve seen our fair share of subscription-dependent giveaways in the past in the form of Eee PC’s and even the rare PS3 offer — but handing out a Wii with cable service strikes us as somewhat notable. According to an offer from Comcast, newcomers to the company’s “Triple Play” of digital cable, VOIP service, and high-speed internet will also be able to bag an honest-to-goodness Nintendo Wii on their way out the door. Sure, you’ve got to sign a two-year contract (à la mobile telco policy), but you’ll also walk away with a console that still can’t be found on a lot of store shelves. Does this signal the ultimate dilution of the Wii into a ubiquitous and truly casual mainstay, or does it simply suggest Comcast and the big N had a sweet — and likely limited — deal? Only the suits know for sure.

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