TQcast E3 awards

Best Hospitality: Nominees: Nyko, Sony, Gamecock

Winner: Nyko

Without a doubt Niko takes this award. Being my first E3 and Nyko being the first Press room I actually entered, Nyko set standards to what I thought E3 08 would be, the beautiful booth babes, unforgetable drinks, awesome products, and unsurpassed hospitality. Nyko kept it real and kept it E3 for me. I sure wish all press rooms were like Nyko’s room.

Sleeper Game Of E3(Sleeper Game=A game that was good, but didn’t really get lots of talk or notice): Nominees: Facebreaker, Legendary,

Winner: Legendary (PS3 360 PC) by Gamecock

Developer: Gamecock Media Group
will be available for: XBOX360, PS3, PC
Release date: Sep-Oct 2008

Read more about the game here

Best Presentation Show Room: Nominees: Sony, Microsoft, Gamecock

Winner: Sony

Come on, a fireplace, candles, and dimmed lights, a great way to not only check out the latest games with full color and resolution, but a great way to make easy conversation with some of the conservative Sony babes.

Coldest Room Award: Nominees: Microsoft

Winner: Microsoft

I don’t blame them, you wouldn’t want Peter Molyneux’s 360 red ringing during his Fable 2 presentation.Their hosts were wearing winter gear, seriously, jackets and all. I hear next year they might have it in the meat locker.

Best Handheld Game Award: Nominess: Ninja Town DS, Skate It DS, Resistance Retribution (PSP)

Winner: Resistance Retribution (PSP)

We actually got our hands on this game, and I got to say, that it looked great, played great and sounded great. Resistance Retribution takes place between Resistance 1 and 2, scheduled for Spring 09.

Best Arcade and Most Original Award: Nominees Fat Princess

Winner: Fat Princess

Just watch the video, enough said.

But if you really need to, read more here

Best of Show Award: Nominees: Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead, Fat Princess, Face Breaker, Resident Evil 5

Winner: Left 4 Dead

The game was surprising, incredibly good all around, and left us wanting more.

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