Madden 09 Demo hits the PS3 this week

Madden 09 demo hits the PS3 this time around. The demo will be available Thursday July 31 for download.

They had to leave the commentary out of the demo, which is kind of crazy, because you won’t feel the complete experience, but they had to do it, in order to cut the size down of the download file.

EA had this to say about the demo

“The Madden NFL 09 Demo showcases some of the new and exciting features in Madden NFL 09.  The demo begins with the user being loaded into the all new Virtual Trainer to begin the Madden Test. The Madden Test is a Madden aptitude test of sorts, that is used to assess your Madden IQ, which drives the users custom difficulty and play settings. The Madden Test consists of 4 core game play mechanics: Passing, Rushing, Pass Defense, and Rush Defense. Gamers will be taken through the entirety of the Madden test and then given their final Madden IQ.

Once the Madden Test is completed and with the your Madden IQ decided, gamers are then brought into yet another all new feature, Madden Moments. Madden Moments allows for users to replay a team’s key moment from the 2007 season. Upon entry into this mode, you’ll see a brief overview of the moment, which is the Giants final Super Bowl-winning drive. With about 2 minutes to go, you will take over the reins of Eli and the Giants and begin their march to victory. Once the moment has been completed, users will be allowed to restart the moment as many times as they want.”

I’m buying this without a doubt. It will be my first Playstation Madden game since Madden 04.

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