TOO HUMAN INFO – Demo (unlock classes) – Pre-Order Bonus – Developer Q&A

Too Human Logo

As many of you know the game, Too Human, is set to release August 19th.

In preparation for this, and just in case you were out of the country during E3, the demo for Too Human was released on the Xbox Live Marketplace on “Day 0″ of the E3 Media & Business Summit 2008.  If you have not yet downloaded and tried this demo DO SO NOW!  Seriously stop reading this, Go queue it up in the active downloads, Then come back and finish reading…

Too Human Box Art

While playing I recommend to GO SLOW!  Read the controller layout (the controls are different than any other RPG out there) and watch the cut-scenes (they play a big role).  Oh did you pay notice the 5 classes that are going to be available.  While, technically, in the demo there is only one class unlocked; some resourceful people found and “Easter Egg” in the demo!  Do you want to play as the other classes in the demo? Any of them?  Well you are in luck!  Check out the below video to see how!

Now go play the demo!  Check out all the classes and the difference between them.

Back already?  What did you think of the Too Human demo?  Camera issues?  Did you notice that you can change the camera angle with the Up/Down arrows?  If you did not I suggest you go try it again!

Better?  Good!  Please leave comments here about your Too Human Demo Experience or email [email protected]

Convinced you are going to be getting Too Human Day 1, August 19th (NA)?  Then you are going to want to pre-order this puppy!  Why you ask?  Well check out this next video done by the Gamerscore Blog:

And the individual armor pics below:

Now if all that does not get you excited for Too Human did we mention CO-OP!  Yes there is going to be 2-player Co-Op in Too Human!  If you would like the opportunity to run through Too Human with a host of XBLRadio then send us an email at [email protected] with which host and will make it happen!

Finally, we at XBLRadio are going to be sending in some questions we have to the developers of Too Human.  If you have any questions send them in to [email protected]

Now these question will probably not be answered by Dennis Dyack, but we are hoping they get answered and by someone working on the Too Human Team!  I will be sending the questions along next week so be sure to them in by Sunday and we’ll do our best to get it answered for ya!

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