Top 10 Must Haves For The iPhone, Ver 2

This is actually going to be my second Top 10 list for the iPhone as the first version was done back in March and a whole lot has changed, like the addition of the Apple App Store, ver 2.0 firmware and several other things. So lets get right into the list, and if you don’t have any of these you really need to check them out soon. In no particular order:

  • IMG_0023.PNGZinio: One of the few items that made it from the first list. Zinio is a medium that several magazines use to digital distribute there magazines. Well right now you can use it to look and read several of its magazines for free, anywhere in the world just by using your iPhone. The magazines include, Macworld, Playboy, men’s Health, Popular mechanics, Car and Driver, Maxim, PC Magazine and many other.
  • IMG_0003.PNGTwinkle: The ultimate twitter app for your phone. And now its legit and you can get it for free in the App Store. Twinkle allows location based twits along with showing all the other twitters in a set location away from you. Even includes the ability to upload your photos to your twits.
  • IMG_0004.PNGPandora: I can’t thank the team at Pandora enough. With this program I can make my own FREE radio station that plays just the music I want. I start off by listing a few artist that I like or songs and it just finds more that match the same music type. And to improve the selections, Pandora gives you the option to thumbs up or down the songs to further fine tune your music taste. By the way, it works perfectly over the Edge network, Wi-Fi is not needed and either in 3G.
  • IMG_0001.PNGPalringo: The first multi-client IM app for the iPhone, or I should say the first and only that is on the Apple App Store. It works with GTalk, MSN, Aol, Yahoo and several others. Now they are still working on some kinks so it might crash every now and then but it works and that to me is all that matters. The only thing that I don’t like about Palringo is the fact that it needs to always be running to work. Now that’s not their fault though, Apple hasn’t allowed any of the push services that they were showing us last June but that is expected to work come September.
  • IMG_0007.PNGTrism: The most enjoyable and addicting game on the iPhone. It retails for 4.99 and it will be the BEST 4.99 you can spend. It has a mix of Tetris and Bejeweled in the game, combine the fact that it also uses the iPhone’s tilt sensing features and your in for one great game.
  • IMG_0010.PNGAurora Feint: The best free game in the store, no question. Aurora Feint is like a Bejeweled/Puzzle Quest type of game where you level yourself up as the game goes on to unlock new things. The game even uses the iPhones tilt functions to make the gameplay more enjoyable and unique.
  • IMG_0012.PNGWordPress: The WordPress app was one of the apps that I looked forward to the most. It allows extremely easy posting to your WordPress blogs from your iPhone. You can add pictures, pick categories, tags and even set the posting time in case you don’t want your posts to post immediately. The only thing missing from this app is a spell check.
  • IMG_0013.PNGPlatform Nation: A must have site to have added to your iPhone desktop for any gamer. Its the best way to be kept in the know by a group of like minded gamers that speak for you, not for the corporations. With this you can always be in the know by not only some of the best gaming podcasts out there on the internet, but by a constant stream of news.
  • IMG_0016.PNGRemote: With Remote you can control iTunes on your Mac with your iPhone. It also gives you the ability to completely control your Apple TV and your AirTunes Speakers. You see the artwork on your iPhone as well as all the controls you can ever need. If you happen to be a slightly devious person you can even use this to control anyone’s music around you that has iTunes installed and is on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • iPhone Pwnage Tool: Even with the thriving Apple App Store there are some great things missing and with the iPhone Pwnage Tool you can install all sorts of gray market apps as well as fully unlocking your phone to work on other cellphone networks, if you not an AT&T subscriber.

Well that’s my Top 10 list for this go around. There were some other great apps as well that didn’t quite make the list like, Facebook, NES, Evernote, Dizzy Bee and Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D.

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  • cephiros

    Steve, are you going to post updates to this list from time to time, like quarterly? I really want to get an Iphone once my Sprint Contract is up sometime next year. The apps of yore may not be the apps of tomorrow.

  • Steven Artlip

    I should, I might