EA Reveals 40 games For Wii and DS

It turns out that EA is really turning up the burners on trying to bring in some more cash to there hurt company, especially after announcing a 95 million dollar loss over the first quarter of 08. So it seems to recoup some of those losses they will be targeting the huge market share of Wii and DS owners. Unfortantly I don’t think that they have realized that Wii owners do not buy games (sorry, that was joke).

Anyways here is the story that wrote,

Electronic Arts has revealed that it has 40 titles in development for Nintendo’s Wii and DS hardware.

The company also said that the Steven Spielberg collaboration, Boom Blox, has sold over 450,000 units in EA’s first fiscal quarter.

“Boom Blox from EA Casual continues to sell well,” said CEO John Riccitiello in the company’s conference call following it’s quarterly financial results.

The company reported a loss of USD 95 million for the first quarter of the 2009 fiscal year, but sales for the period almost doubled year-on-year to USD 804 million.

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  • Mr_B4

    I am a Wii owner, and i bought Boom Blox, so i can believe that the game has sold well, especially since it is a pretty damn good game in its own right.