PS3 games earn big bucks for EA

It turns out that the PS3 is on a tear for EA as far as bringing in the cash. According to,

A software sales for the system between April and June increased 969 per cent over the same period last year. Sony’s console has now been the major bread winner for EA since the start of 2008.

The PS3 made USD 139 million for the publisher during the quarter, followed by PC with USD 86 million and Xbox 360 with USD 81 million.

The PS2 was only marginally behind with USD 79 million, while Wii and PSP tied on USD 57 million.

Mobile games performed well to take USD 44 million, leaving DS in last position – for a change – with USD 21 million.

That means games for Sony systems combined to make a total of USD 275 million for EA during those three months.

Keep in mind though that even though the PS3 was on a tear for EA YTD the Xbox 360 is still on top.

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