TMG-056 The Man With Many Hats

Show notes: This week we are joined by JVB of the former Halo podcast Podtacular, and currently with, the Post Game Report, SFX360, and Gamertag Radio. He’s a man with many hats in the Xbox community. Join us as we talk about his podcasting beginnings, and what excites him about the community. We also review the brand new XBLA game, Geometry Wars 2: Retro Evolved. Oh, we also give away a copy of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith to one lucky person.


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  • GUI J

    I cant see how you could have JVB on your show he is suck a turd Wrangler. I met him once and he was sooo arrogant..Oh Im Mr.Podtacular. I tried to say hi and he totally blew me off and then he flicked me off for no reason. I think he is so fake! And you can tell him GUI J says so!!!!!!!!!! Other than that ,great show I love having you guys as PN family, and look forward to outdoing JVPee as a guest on TMG.

  • GUI J

    Oh…Did I forget to mention that JVB and I a really good friends? Oh I did oh..well Im glad you had him on the show, but I still cant see HOW you had him on TMG cause hes still a turd wrangler.

  • JVB

    My Turd=Wrangling days are over. Butt muncher.