EA Sports looking into possible subscription program future

Yes you read that correctly, imagine a world where you don’t go out every year to pick up the newest version of Madden, instead you had a monthly or yearly subscription to it and every year you would automatically get a newer version for a lower price. It sounds extremely interesting, I guess all that would matter to this would be what price they were charge to subscribe.


During yesterday’s EA conference call, EA Sports boss Peter Moore briefly mentioned concepts the studio is considering for the future of their various titles. Moore stated they were looking at instituting “subscription programs” to the EA Sports library in order to “take advantage” of customer loyalty. Of course this could translate to a number of ideas so before we get bent out of shape we should consider it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Consider a subscription based model that would drop by-the-minute roster updates for your favorite sports games over multiple seasons rather than having to plunk down another full retail chunk of change. While we can’t guess what might, if anything at all does, come of this idea we can at least credit EA for being one of the publishers that keeps trying to innovate. Whether some like it or not.

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  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    Don't they have enough money already??? If they're thinking of charging me for roster updates and I still have to buy a new game every year, they have another thing coming!