Home Beta Testing Opening Up

Currently in the PSN Store there is a special promotion going on where if you download a special Home theme for your PS3 you will be registered to “have interest in Home” where you might be one of the lucky picked to get into Home’s beta.

Now this is only going on in Japan so to access the special theme you will need a Japanese account, sorry all American and European users. You also need to do this before August 11. Here are some more details from TheSixthAxis,

Exclusive: Don’t get your knickers in a twist, but it appears that there’s a big banner on the Japanese PSN Store, Home related, and it’s apparent that if you download the theme that’s in there (it’s only 277KB) you’ll have registered your interest in the Home Beta. You’ll need to do this before the 11th of August, though.

Successful candidates will be notified by email. You might also want to be Japanese before trying this, unless you’re desperate to get in. Apparently the Japanese beta will contain a Namco gamespace, with retro versions of Pac-Man, Galaga and DigDug to play amongst others.

Looks like Home is really starting to take off. We really, really hope SCEE are doing something similar for Europe this week, or else Japan is going to get bombarded with very recently created Japanese PSN IDs…

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