Madden 09 and FaceBreaker Demos Are Available

Currently on the Xbox 360 only right now and both are about a GB each in size. Get them now and be the envy of all your friends. And in the mean time I included a Facebreaker video so you can watch it while you’re waiting for your download to finish.

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  • Mr_B4

    Definitely excited about both of these demos, cannot wait to try them out.

  • cephiros

    While I am not the biggest fan of footbal, I am interested in Facebreaker, it reminds me alot of Ready 2 Rumble from the Dreamcast days. I will get the demo for that tonight.

  • X3R09

    I tried both of the demos yesterday and I really enjoyed Facebreaker. It reminded me a little of Punch Out! The best part that I liked was when my character was doing one handed push ups on Kim Kardashian's face. As far as Madden 09 goes, it was decent. The virtual part was interesting, but it really doesn't help the novice Madden player. The should remove the button notifications, that way it really tests the players ability.