This cover looks slick. They had to changed it up a bit. This gives it a refreshed new look, and the feel of wanting more. I been wanting to finish the game as a little sister killer this time around, and it looks like it will happen on the PS3 version. Refreshed Bioshock cover, refreshed mojito, PS3 trophies, Is exactly how TQcast would spend a day in Rapture.

Big ups to 2K The cult of Rapture for this work of art!!

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  • X3R09

    I really like this one better than the 360s cover. I think it's because you can see more of the little sister, and they gave her a little bit of color in the eyes and with the plasmid gun. Overall, it looks cool!

  • Scott

    I agree this cover is a lot nicer than the 360 version.