XBLRadio Review – “Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2″ (XBLA)

Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2:

The long awaited sequel to the game that saved/started the Xbox 360 Live Arcade has finally arrived, let’s take stock on the new gameplay modes and added co-op and versus play. There are now 6 gameplay modes each of which changes the standard formula of steer with left stick shoot with the right stick. Gone from every mode are the extra weapons from Geometry Wars. Bizarre Creations added geoms in this foray. Geoms add to your multiplier, and the multiplier does not go back to zero when you die. So let’s go over the new modes shall we.

Deadline gives you infinite lives and 3 minutes to kill as many enemies and collect as many geoms to increase your score before the time limit hits zero.

Want to play King of the hill? Well you can play a version here, King only allows you to shoot from shield bubbles that appear within the stage, but they only stay for a short amount of time. You have to shoot fast, and move faster to stay alive in this game.

There is also your normal mode, 3 lives, 3 bombs, and play along.

Pacifism is my favorite game mode so far. You have no weapons and can only kill enemies by passing through the middle of gates, but don’t touch the ends, which will kill you as well. You only get one life and no bombs.

Waves challenges you to a new enemy that comes at you in large numbers, you have one life, move carefully.

Segment, another challenge fit for the ages. There are sixteen levels of madness, three lives and bombs. You only have thirty seconds to clear each stage, good luck.

The achievements are easier this time around, as well as a slight bump in graphics. You will be treated to the same techno bump style you loved in the first. In addition to all of these fantastic modes, you also have multiplayer.

This is where the gem that is Geometry Wars 2 loses its luster. See you can only enjoy multiplayer on the same console. The only Live support here is leader boards. That one feature makes the difference of a must have game or a buy; if you liked the demo. I will say that checking the leader boards while you’re playing makes this outing very addictive. I played for hours longer than needed for this review because someone on my friends list had beaten my score.

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