The Booth In Review – Sega

Now we sent to the SEGA booth after we were spoiled over at NYKO and at the Sony Keynote. Those were great times and in this case SEGA couldn’t be any more different.

We got to SEGA on time and then sat around for 20 minutes before seeing our first game, Storm Rise. Now before I talk about Storm Rise let me first tell you the setup. SEGA had this big space and instead of using that big space to their advantage they actually sectioned in off into 5 little NON-AIR CONDITIONED rooms. Do you know what happens when you pack around 5-10 people in a little room along with gaming consoles and a plasma tv? It gets extremely hot, and because of that it can also lead to unpleasant smells. Just picture that because that’s what I experienced.

Back to the games now. The first game I saw, Storm Rise, was a very unique and interesting type of RTS. It was a really 3 dimensional, as in multiple levels on the battlefield, real time strategy game that was controlled from the first person perspective. Now did that just blow your mind? Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to play the game ourselves but it looked like a whole lot of fun with they unique gameplay, seemed to be easy to play controls and with the unique units that were made for the game. Storm Rise really looks like a lot of fun and I really can’t wait to get my hands on it. I would have loved to show you guys some of what I saw but SEGA had rules and we weren’t allowed to share audio, nor allowed to take videos or pictures.

Immediately after Storm Rise we were ushered into another room where we saw Alpha Protocol, which to me looked a lot like a Mass Effect clone, not a bad thing. Alpha Protocol had a talk system a lot like Mass Effect, and even the combat was very Mass Effect-esk only Alpha Protocol seemed to focus more on combat as its strong suit. Alpha Protocol was pre-alpha so there was still a lot of work that needed done but from what I saw the controls seemed decently fluid and the game itself looked beautiful from a graphics perspective. Alpha Protocol along with Storm Rise were both suppose to come out some time in the earlier part of 2009 I believe and I am interested in both of those games myself.

Now this is where SEGA started to lose me. After seeing both of these games it seemed that things were going good, but then they start wasting the thing that we didn’t have a whole lot of, my time. From here we stood outside the rooms for another 15 mins waiting on another room to open up. It seemed like it was poor planning that lead to this. After those 15 mins finally a room opened up, unfortunately it was probably the worst room at E3.

Empire: Total War was the game in the next room, now the game itself seemed like a whole lot of fun, we were shown a massive sea battle where the Americans crushed a British fleet despite all the attempts to have the battle go the other way. That wasn’t the issue I had with this room. My issue here was the unbearable temperature, that room seriously had to be 90 degree’s plus, and the BO that was in that room. The BO wasn’t anyone’s fault in particular, if the room wasn’t so unbearably hot it wouldn’t have smelt like that. Empire: Total War was indeed a fluid running game and it really did seem like a lot of fun to play, it seemed to be full of epic battles and if I was a PC gamer I would seriously be all over it.

Empire: Total War was the last game I saw, SEGA had two more games there but after having to wait AGAIN for the third time I kind of had enough. I waited another 10 mins only to get bumped by Sony’s video crew so that was the last straw for me, I had to much other stuff to do and it was obvious that I wasn’t going to see anything else from SEGA unless I wanted to burn another 30 mins of my time which was just something I didn’t have.

Overall I enjoyed SEGA’s games that they showed me, I just didn’t like how things were running.

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