360 Price Cuts: New Slasher Movie This Fall… Maybe

There are people out there. People who know stuff and people who don’t. Apprently, a mole from Ars Technica states there will be across the board price cuts for Xbox 360 SKUs.  There should be a price cut of $50 for each SKU as shown below.

Early Sept price reduction on X360 hardware:

  • Arcade (no hard drive) to $199
  • Pro (60GB) to $299
  • Elite (120GB) to $399

We should also expect hardware and game bundles for all hardware versions coming in the fourth quarter, just in time for the holidays.

From the stories of yore that I heard, this mole was the hero of the great 60GB Xbox 360 rumor release. A rumor that later became confirmed fact by no other than Microsoft itself! If this new rumor is indeed true then many gamers who need an Xbox 360 can raise their hands up in joy.

In addition, this image below, smuggled by a faithful member of VG Chartz may provide valid proof that the mole of Ars Technica speaks the truth of such price cuts. All signs point to sometime this September. We shall see if this really happens.

Source: Ars Technica
Source: VG Chartz

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