Go! Go! Break Steady Review


Game Review: Go! Go! Break Steady

Released: June 23rd, 2008

Developer: Littleboygames

Publisher: Microsoft

Available Platforms: Xbox 360

Players: 1 – 2 local, 2 player online

MSRP: 800 Microsoft Points ($10.00)

ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)

 Go! Go! Break Steady

I’m going to be brief with this review as there isn’t really much to the game. There 3 game modes to choose from, a Tournament (career mode), Endurance (last as long as you can), and Challenge (custom game). We also have local co-op and versus, and online co-op and versus modes. In order to use all of the characters for Endurance, you must unlock them by completing their stages in Tournament.

Gameplay: 7

It’s a break dancing button-mash game where you press a required button as it passes the circle in the centre of the screen, in order to build a multiplier and use “Beatniks” to get the above seen big circle of “Beatniks” to empty. If you score a Perfect (hit the all notes in the sequence) you’ll get 3 beatniks which you need to place on the beatnik circle one by one. Once you have a row of 3 next to eachother, they will disappear.

It’s a bit like Tetris in it’s puzzle end gameplay, and a bit like the dancing mini-games in GTA: San Andreas in it’s button press skill gameplay.

Graphics: 8

For an XBLA game it’s much like any other Flash game port we’ve already seen, such as Alien Hominid HD. The colours are vivid and vibrant, there’s a bit of over the top humour, and over the top character design, being more like characatures than realistic characters. Like I said, it’s an XBLA game, it’s supposed to look pretty and fun.

Sound: 8

Some of the tunes are quite funky, and a couple a little “rocky” as well. I’m not talking Motorhead here, but it certainly fits with the style and makes the game a little more fun. Some of the tunes are shite, but it’s not Rock Band or DDR: Dance Universe, it’s a pick up and play arcade game.

Replay: 5

For a while the game is fun, but the difficulty curve (even on easy) is pretty steep, before you know it songs are comprised of almost every button on the controller making it a ball ache rather than good fun. With that, and the fact that the online won’t last very long (as is the usual with XBLA) you won’t be putting in 30+ hours into this game. Maybe two or three, whether that’s worth 800 points is up to you.

Overall: 7

Not a bad game for a bit, although 800 points is a bit steep considering it’s longevity. Pick it up if you like this sort of game, and have nothing else to do.


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