Hail to the chimp (360) review

Game Review: Hail To The Chimp

Release: June 24, 2008

Genre: Party

Developer: Wideload Games

Platform: Xbox 360 and PS3

Player(s): 1-4

MSRP: $34.99 (Gamestop)

ESRB Rating: T

The lion is the king of the animal kingdom. He hit a snag though. He has been pulled into a scandal and was force to resign as King. Now eight animals have to fight for the right to be king or queen. The clams are the voters here. Who will they vote for?


The graphics are not half bad. The cell shading is done very well. The environments look a little above average. The characters themselves are difficult to distinguish from when the game really starts to heat up. Clams are what you have to pick up to gain votes in this game. Sadly sometimes the clams are near impossible to see. It would of helped if the clams had a different color then gray in the some of the levels.


This is probably the best part of the game. Someone is always saying something and more then likely it is going to be funny. Hail to the Chimp is full of political satire, all of which is very funny. Ranging from a commercial about grass, that is similar to the commercials about saving the forest, to interviews with the winners of the elections. All of which is pretty darn funny.


My biggest issues with Hail to the Chimp are the following categories. All modes require you collect X amount of clams and either deliver the clams somewhere or just hold on to them. While it works for the first few levels, this gets old pretty fast. Also the A.I. bounces from insanely stupid to killjoy mode. For instance one level I beat in less than a minute. The next stage in the level the other characters made me want to stop playing the game. This is going as far to say that the A.I. is as bad as the Smackdown series.


A limited control set up does not make the game more fun. Constantly just running around and punching people isn’t fun enough. You can double jump, but not that high at all. In fact double jumping will slow you down. The game has double team moves, which unless you have the concentration of a Shaolin monk, you will probably be button mashing like it is no ones business.


The game doesn’t offer that much until you unlock everything. After which all you have is about a few hours of video to watch. A lot of the videos are funny which helps. Broken game play and difficult controls hampers this experience big time. Maybe for the next game fix most of the controls and game play.


You get an ok game for an ok price. If they where pushing $30 or even #20 dollars I could recommend buying this. Since the game is fishy I would suggest a rental. Then again you could probably beat the game before you have to return it. The achievements are not easy to get either. If you want to laugh then the value is justified.



Hail to the Chimp is a funny game. What is a shame is the fact that game is easy one second then becomes really difficult the next. Balancing should be concern if a squeal is to be made.

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