Hellboy The Science of Evil Review for the PSP

Game Review:  Hellboy The Science of Evil

Released:  June 24, 2008

Developer:  Krome Studios

Publisher:  Konami

Platform:  PSP (also for 360 and PS3

Players:  1 player,  Multiplayer Coop , online

MSRP:  $29.99

ESRB Rating: T (Teen)


The Science of Evil - Hellboy - teaser

With a summer blockbuster released what else is there to do, but release a game to go with it.   With Hellboy Science of Evil dont expect it to follow the movie at all.  I have played the game and it left a lot of blank spots that I thought would be filled in as the game progressed. 

You play as Hellboy with his Right Hand of Doom (right hand made from red colored stone) and The Samaritan an oversized hand cannon that holds 10 rounds of ammo.  You also pick up grenades throughout but I really never found much use in them at all.  Also you find exta items throughout the game and keep them if you restart your completed game.  The most useful item is the Druid Amulet that has the power to dispel evil earth magic.  The others I found really no use for and they are a Music Box, a Fox Statue, a Angel Pendant, and a Homunculus.  You also pick up Spirit Shards along the way from fighting and breaking things and the unlock special moves and extras(artwork and such) with those.  Hellboy can also pick up weapons and crates to throw at the enemy but the weapons only last one hit when used on a opponent.

The game play as a whole was really just a button masher the combos where not really that good mostly due to the delay of a longer move to finish out.  Dont expect a lot of talking because there is none just subtitles but I did enjoy the comic type cut scenes.  The few puzzles this game did offer where lame not much thinking had to go into them.  Jumping proved to be a real pain(once again the time of the move). I did enjoy the enviorment that was pleasing to the eye.  The camera view where your standard PSP view.  I really got confused the way you where playing in the present time and then you went back in time.  The bosses where very easy and predictable with their moves and the final boss was way to easy.

What else can be said about the game?  If you are a Hellboy fan and really dont want a disapointment in your favorite character stay away from this one for the PSP it had some many downsides it is not a plus for any library, but if you have a couple of hours of free time and you like straight up button mashing brawlers this one is for you.

I would like to wrap up but saying thank you to the one and only Steve Artlip (Steve519) for giving me the chance to reveiw this game.  Thanks Steve.



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