Married Gamers Review: Lost Winds

by Chris Brown


Lost Winds was a launch title for Wiiware in North America.  In Lost Winds the player is literally given the power to control the winds to guide Toku in his quest to break a curse on his homelands.  The game takes full advantage of the Wii controls.  Players use the Wiimote and the nunchuck.  The nunchuck moves Toku in his adventure and the Wiimote controls the winds that acts as his guardian and helper.  The controls are pretty darn cool, but they do ask a lot of players as it requires an incredible amount finesse in harnessing the power of the Lost Wind.  The difficulty in controlling the winds can be frustrating and a word of advice is to take advantage of the game save idols in the game, because players will most likely find themselves having to overcome obstacles over and over.  Also, we sometimes found ourselves having a hard time discovering which direction or path we needed to go, leading to a feeling of being lost, our direction blowing the wind you might say.  Despite this, we did enjoy using some problem-solving skills in overcoming some obstacles, like using the wind to stoke a fire to clear an vine wall.

03_hiscreen_mines_lostwinds Lost Winds is a great launch title for WiiWare because it really is a beautiful looking game that incorporates an Asian flavor.  The music is very soothing and airy, again incorporating an Asian flavor with a pleasant pan flute soundtrack.  The storyline is fun for all ages, and kept the adventure light-hearted and interesting.  The game has several hours of gameplay which is very nice for a Wiiware title, and despite our frustration in overcoming certain obstacles we have kept coming back to the game make more progress in it.  We think that younger kids might need some help in playing the game, but this is a game that we can see the families having an enjoyable time playing together. 

While we do wish Lost Winds could be used with a classic controller, our time spent on Lost Winds was and continues to be enjoyable.  Lost Winds is available on Wiiware for 1000 Wiipoints.  It is rated E for Everyone and is published by Frontier.

Married Gamers Report Card: B+

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