This Booth In Review – Gameloft

Gameloft’s booth was different from almost all the others because they didn’t really have a booth, instead they had a pimped out bus.  It was a great change from our previous experience with at the SEGA booth.

Here is a little story about our adventure to find the Gameloft bus.  Desz and I were searching all of our emails, maps and everything because we didn’t know they had a bus.  We assumed it was a booth or room somewhere but we just couldn’t find it.  All of our notes were gone through, we even started asking everyone that we saw at E3 and no one seemed to know.  So it was already time for our appointment and no Gameloft was in site.  I then came up with this master idea of, “lets just call them!”  I really wish I did that earlier because once I did I was connected with Carmen Pearson, Gameloft’s Public Relations Manager, and she told me that they are right outside.  That was our little adventure to find Gameloft.  But anyways, your hear to read about the games so lets get right into that.

Gameloft specializes in mobile games and that is what we saw.  The first game I got to play with was Asphalt 4: Elite Racing, it was for the iPhone and its a mobile racing game that uses the iPhones tilt features to control your car in the game.  Asphalt 4: Elite Racing looks very impressive for an iPhone game and it was extremely easy and fun to play.  All I had to do was tilt my iPhone to the left to turn left and tilt to the right to steer right.  As far as gameplay goes, think Rad Racer but with very nice graphics.  I was really enjoying it.

So while I was playing Asphalt 4: Elite Racing, Desz was sitting next to me playing Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain, now that game looks fun.  It started off by taking a picture of him but I’ll get into why later.  So in this game you were playing at Chuck Norris himself and you control him to kick bad guy ass.  He was playing it on a normal phone (not the iPhone) and he just picked it up and was playing it without a problem so I’m guessing the controls were pretty simple, again I didn’t get to play this one so I’m just going off of what I saw.  So he is kicking ass and then we see him doing showboating by doing pushups but as we all know, When Chuck Norris does a pushup, he isn’t lifting himself up, he’s pushing the Earth down, and sure enough in the game the everything else moved around Chuck Norris and not himself. After a long while of kicking enemy ass we saw how Desz’s picture was used, it actually took his head from the picture and made him into on of the bad guys so Desz was actually kicking his own ass. After I saw that combined with everything else this moved to the mobile game I wanted most on my phone, and I can’t wait till this comes out, it just looks so fun.

Wild West Guns was the last game we saw from Gameloft, it was a Nintendo WiiWare game and it was a blast. You pretty much take your Wii Remote and use it as a zapper and go on these levels shooting the enemies. I played this one for a little while and I was having a blast, I felt that if you have a Nyko Perfect Shot with your Wii that this game would have to be a must have. It just felt like a classic Nintendo zapper game, the ones I loved so much when I was younger. Speaking of Wild West Guns, it actually just came out yesterday on the Wii so you really should check it out, especially if you have kids that are into to zapper games or if you are too. It costs 1000 Wii Points.

So that was it from Gameloft that I experienced, the bus ride was over (yes, we were actually driving around town during that whole time, I like that actually, as it gave us a change of pace). Gameloft was definitely up there in my cool booths as their games and experience was just fun all around.

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  • Scott

    At least this one was a good experience. A pimped out bus that rode around now that is impressive.