Penny Arcade Expo 2008

The Penny Arcade Expo is just around the corner and most of us here at Platform Nation are getting extremely excited. We have just 23 days left and things are starting to really warm up. This year we have a record number of staff members that will be there, InfectedPB503 and X3R0 9 from, BDazzler from, Edie from, both Chris and Kelly from, K Rock XP from and Chiahippo along with myself (maybe) from will all be there!

That right there is a really packed team but that is a really good thing this year because of all the publishers and developers that will be there this year. I don’t know if you saw the list but it will be packed.

The great thing is that with all of the staff that we are bringing to the Penny Arcade Expo that Platform Nation will surely be one of the best spots on the internet to get all your coverage from. We will be providing video, audio and photo coverage this year at the expo in downtown Seattle.

Now I also know that many of you will also be there this year, you guys and gals need to be sure to hit us up and say hi to your favorite independent gaming community and if your really into us be sure to sport your favorite Platform Nation show’s clothing line while at PAX. Then your really be in with the cool crowd.

See you all there!

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  • cephiros

    I might be there as well. I am working out the final details and it is all depends on if I get my new work schedule.


    cool… yup i'll be there, should be a real good time!

  • Scott

    I envy everyone that will be attending, but 2010 is the year for us on the East Coast when PAX will be on the east and west coast.

  • Mr_B4

    that would make it much easier for me to attend this event, if it was on the east coast.