Summer of Arcade * Round 2 – “Braid” Impressions & WIN A Copy Here!

With such a stellar entry last week, Geometry Wars 2, in to the Xbox Live Arcade Library I am eagerly awaiting this morning’s release of:

If you all remember this is one of the titles to have the price leaked out a couple weeks ago.  At the time it was rumored Braid would cost 1200 MS Points ($15 USD).  But wait! Microsoft soon came out to squash this rumor and state that this would not be the price for Briad (See wrap up of all stories here on Xbox360Fanboy).

Well guess who *umm* “mis-spoke”?  And guess what the price of Braid is?  Is it worth 1200 MS Points ($15)?

“The end level is f**king ingenious.” according to Gamer Hate

But continue on for XBLRadio’s Quick Impressions of this “time bending puzzler”,

For details on how YOU CAN WIN your own copy of Briad,

And stay tuned for a full XBLRadio Review Upcoming!…

Quick Impressions:

Braid is described as a “puzzle-platformer, drawn in a painterly style, where the player manipulates the flow of time in strange and unusual ways (”.  Created by Number None, Inc. Briad is just as described, a puzzler.

Basically think Super Mario Brothers (Princess and all!), with beautifully drawn, mosaic, backgrounds.  As you play you are jumping, climbing ladders, and hitting “bad guys” on the head; just like in SMB.  But then you are also collecting jigsaw puzzle pieces that are to assembled later, at designated areas.  Currently I have only played through the first world.

There is a “time” element to the game, by holding down X, in that I can rewind time.  Which works out nicely if you die, you can rewind time to when you didn’t die, and I read that there are other “time elements” to Braid, but this is just a quick impression (I’ve gotten 30 mins with the game and am totally confused!).

Why am I confused?  Well XBLRadio Readers here’s your chance to help me and a chance for you to WIN your own copy of Braid!  I am obviously missing something in the game.  I have about 4-5 puzzle pieces, in the first world (called World 2?), that I just can’t reach because I can’t jump high enough.  I know, its probably very easy!

So please go download and try the trial of Braid.  Figure out what I’m missing and post here what that is and your thoughts on this week’s release to Xbox Live Arcade, Braid!  Is is worth 1200 MS Points?  You may not have to spend them!

You’ll be entered for a chance to win you very own copy of Braid!

WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN XBLRadio’s Mid-Week Special #3 Release Later Tonight!

Listen in to see if you WON!

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