The Gamers Pub Show Warmup Video

Hope you all enjoy this video. Just a little something I made today for the awesome guys over at The Gamers Pub.

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  • thejdb360

    LOL,nice vid………


    umm i've been on the pub and that is freakyishly accurate! lol. nice prep vid there. little behind the scenes of the gamer's pub!

  • GUI J

    Wow…right on the $ without skipping a beat I had a smile the whole time!

  • nasero

    I only wish our prep went that easily.

  • sedington86

    Lol, nice vid man. I like that kinda prep..

  • Mr_B4

    Wow, guess they really are alcoholic gamers, lol. Nice prep vid, the shots that you took were my favorite part of it.

  • Jay900

    if need any help drinking that captain Morgan let me know 🙂

  • Mike

    leaving a comment or something.