The Xbox Live Arcade game Braid just released to the XBLM today, And for 1200 Microsoft points, Featuring a distinct paint-like style, challenging platform puzzles, the ability to control time.

Now for 1200 points this may be alot for a XBLA Title,  but its worth a try right? Comment on if you think its worth the 1200MS points.

I myself think 1200 points for a XBLA game is a little pricey and I will probably avoid this one.

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  • ABACAB72

    I've played a little bit of the demo, and so far from what I've played, I don't think it's worth that much at all. It's just a regular XBLA platforming game. Nothing really about it deserves the extra cost. Just goes to show how M$ is way out of touch with gaming, and looking forward to ripping off the consumer. It isn't even worth 800 points. 400, maybe, but it's nothing special at all. Waste of time and money. Bad form, M$. Castle Crashers had better not be 1600 points, or else I will consider getting rid of my 360. I don't like to support greedy companies.