Gears of War 2 Exclusive Lancer

Its hot and its for pre-order right now. is selling if for (hold on, let me check my receipt), 139.99 and if you buy it now you can bundle in the regular version of Gears of War 2 for free, yep, free.  And if you were wanting the collectors edition, well, you can get that for 10 dollars more then free.

Hurry up and get them now before they are sold out, and you know what?  If you get one and live close to me we will have to arrange for a meetup where we can battle it out in a chainsaw battle.

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  • Mike

    Thanks for the info. Never played gears. But I knew I had to have this. Just pre ordered it. Thanks steve

  • Scott

    Pre ordering today. I love the lancers look. Plus I realy do love the game not just ordering for the lancer

  • Mike

    Just got the first gears. And now my 360 has the ring of death. Thats what it did three weeks before gears first came out. Thats why I never played it. And why I can't play it now. Gears is bad luck for me.

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