Next Call of Duty 2009

What?  The next Call of Duty is slated for 2009 and this one will bring us back to date, this will make a lot of people happy seeing we are going back to WWII for CoD 5.  Infinity Ward is going back to the helm for the upcoming sixth installment, and Activision is going to switch up between developers each year for each upcoming game.  Does this mean every other Call of Duty will go back in time and the next year we will catch back up to the present, and will we get real tired of the series in itself or is this a good way to keep the game fresh and wanting more.  I for one would like a little time in between installments and every year maybe just a little to close for me.

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  • DjDATZ

    Finally. Why is Treyarch even being considered anymore?

  • Silverthorne

    This is quickly turning into a Tony Hawk situation: at least that game finally realized yearly releases weren't working out so well. Treyarch needs to just be dropped altogether and Activision needs to leave it up to Infinity Ward to take their time and put out a CoD game every three years or so. It'll keep gamers anticipating and won't wear out our wallets.