Playapalooza ’08 Live Stream

Live video by Ustream

Here is the live feed of Platform Nation’s Playapalooza ’08. Now right now you probably don’t see anything but on August 14 at 2pm Pacific time you will see our live stream.

Now let me give you guys a little info about just what is going on. We, several of the staff members of Platform Nation and some of our gaming community, are going to be gaming for 50 hours straight, that’s right, 50 hours. Right now your probably thinking to yourself, why? Well I’ll tell you, we’re gaming to help out those that can’t. What is going on is we have teamed up with several developers and publishers to play their games during those 50 hours and in return, everything that they have donated for Playapalooza ’08, will then be turned around and given directly to those at the Child’s Play Charity which is dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in our network of over 40 hospitals worldwide, during this years Penny Arcade Expo. So if you to want to help out with Playapalooza ’08, you to can donate to our cause.

Rest assured, 100% of what you donate will go directly to Child’s Play. And if you have any games that you want to donate (they must be new and unopened for Child’s Play) please contact myself at [email protected] I’ll be happy to talk with you about this. For more info on Playapalooza ’08 please check out our press release here.

If you would like to try to game with us, on the Xbox 360 we will be gaming under the gamertag of Steve519 and while on the Playstation 3 our PSN ID is Steve519

Playapalooza ’08 Donation’s Received Page

Special thanks to all the sites that helped spread the word

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