TQcast Picks of da week

Video Game of the week: Resistance Fall of Man (PS3)

Movie of the week:Waiting

Album of the week: NAS (NAS)

Drink Tip of the week: Michela Shot

Blu-Ray pick of the week

Old School Game of the Week

Michela Shot Per Rico:


  • Tomato Cocktail (Clamato, V8 or your favorite Tomato Juice)
  • Tequila
  • Beer (we used  a splash of Modelo especial)
  • Lime

Glass to use: Shot Glass


  • squeez half a lime in to shot glass
  • Pour tomato juice or cocktail in to glass (together lime juice and tomato juice should be about 1/4 of shot glass
  • Add Tequila (fill up till shot glass is 3/4 filled)
  • Add your favorite beer (splash)
  • Take the shot
Have a great rest of the week and weekend. I’ll be representing TQcast from Cancun this week!


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