Halo 3 double experience point weekend via Legendary Brawl

Starting right now, Legendary Brawl returns to represent as this weekend’s Double EXP.

Legendary Brawl is a 12 player free-for all romp through the Legendary maps (with several of the normal maps and Heroic as well). If that description and the name of the playlist are not an indicator, that means that you need at least the Legendary Map Pack if you want to participate. Legendary Brawl is ranked, so this is a great opportunity to get those last couple achievements that you have been so wrongfully denied. Good luck!

Legendary Brawl is available from 11am PDT on Thursday, August 7th until Monday the 11th at 2am. Heroic and Legendary Map Packs required (But not Cold Storage). (Bungie)

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