Sony Expands Beta

Originally announced in March of 2007, Sony is finally inviting gamers to its new home even though it is still under construction.  Jack Buser (PlayStation Home director) confirmed that Sony is expanding the closed beta test starting at the end of this month.

Dont get excited just yet not ever one will get the chance for this beta test.  First you have to download the the new Home theme that was released on 8/7/08 on the PlayStation Network.  Once you have done that then Sony will weed people out on the basis of how active you are on the PlayStation Network and the Playstation Store.

Not that active and still want to check out Home there is still a chance for the open beta test and that is slated to begin later this year .

Home is a real time 3-D networked community that is a meeting place for PS3 users that can communicate, join online games, build personal spaces, from around the world.

I for one will jump aboard the open beta because I am just not that active on the PSN or the store.





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