Nyko Charge Base 2 Impressions

A couple weeks ago I wrote about my experience that I had while I was visiting Nyko’s Booth during E3. On the article itself I wrote that the next thing that I was probably picking up was Nyko’s Charge Base 2 for the PS3 solely because of how much I dislike the current system of charging my PS3 controllers, seriously leaving the controller plugged into the console was so last gen. Well to my surprise Nyko came to me about sending a Charge Base 2 my way so I can try it out and talk about it so that’s what I’m here to do, to give you guys my impressions of Nyko’s Charge Base 2.

When I first opened it up I was surprised about the amount of heft the device had, you could probably kill someone if you hit them with it. I liked that actually because that means that it wouldn’t be moving around every time I put a controller in there or if something like my dogs touch it. In the packing there was the base itself, two controller attachments and a little set of instructions (not needed at all in this case).

Everything was pretty simple to setup and straight forward, you take the controller attachments and snap them on to the controller. The controller attachments by the way are just little clear pieces of plastic that connect to your controllers usb port and they allow the charging contacts on the base unit to pretty much connect to your controllers usb ports without actually touching them. So really the base is just a fancy usb charger.

Back to the setup though, so after you connect the connections to your controllers you just place your controller(s) into that base that plugged into any wall outlet and that’s it, its charging your controllers. No more nasty usb cord plugged into your PS3 and the Charge Base 2 is a great way to actually organize your controllers.

photo.jpgSo what do I think about it? Well I like it, it does its job and it does it well. The price of the Charge Base 2 also seems fair at 29.99 for its purpose. My only issue with the Charge Base 2 is the design, the overall design just isn’t really something to marvel at, its certain not an apple product if you know what I mean. But the biggest design flaw that the Charge Base 2 has is the very bright lights, they show up as red when your controllers are charging and green when they are charged AND when you have nothing in the base. So those lights are always on and they are very bright. I wish that Nyko had dimmed them a little bit because its a little distracting in my home theater. Nevertheless, Nyko’s Charge Base 2 works and it works well. So if your one of the many that really dislike charging your controllers by having to have them plugged into your PS3 then you really should check this out.

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  • Scott

    I really love this idea it looks the controller attachment does not interfere with hand placement on the contoller and no extra weight added.

  • Fishy80

    Great article i've been using Nyko Charge Base 2 for a long time now. best charger Ever ^ – ^“ Btw give more space for ur PS3 to breath ! ur blocking the Fan air flow of ur ps3… peace out