Rockstar Games: Source of Societal Woes

When something happens that is out of the ordinary, say like random acts of violence and property damage. Often popular entertainment is to blame. It has happen to comic books, movies, television, and now it is video games. After tragedy that was the Thai taxi murder, there are more crimes being committed whose suspects are blaming Grand Theft Auto. According to WSBTV-2, there have been a series of arsons committed by teens.

MILTON, Ga. — Milton Police officials said they have arrested three teens and charged them with 57 felony counts in connection with a recent series of car bombings with Molotov cocktails in the city of Milton, north of Atlanta. The felony charges include arson, criminal damage to property and possession of explosive devices in six vehicle fires between 11 p.m. July 24 and 3 a.m. July 25. Each teen is charged with 19 counts. Officials said the teens — ages 15 and 16 — told authorities they learned “how to do it” from playing the video game “Grand Theft Auto.”

Truthfully, I am getting tired of video games being blamed for crimes committed. Society always seems to blame popular entertainment when these outrages happen. Oh, it is easy to blame the violent video game, instead of other influences affecting their life. It is wrong to blame their parents, or even themselves for their own actions? Many people need to wake up and look for some proper answers. Like Family Guy’s Peter Griffin once said. This really grinds my gears!

Source: WSBTV-2

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  • Scott

    I with you on this one when will people start taking blame for the stupid things they do and stop blaming everyone or is this matter something else its a game already not a training video .

  • B1gBadDaddy

    I agree mate, this is pathetic. The kids probably said that "GTA" showed them the way of the dick head, because they thought they'd get off, no charge. But people need to lighten up man, stop blaming our frigging toys, and blame real influences, like Violence and Drugs. GTA wasn't around a hundred years ago, yet Jack the Ripper was. Where the hell did he get the idea to kill prostitutes from, without a video game to copy??

  • Rob Hornecker

    I have been seeing alot of these editorals on this subject as of late. It seems that everyone that is a non-gamer likes to blame video games as well as other media for some idiot not being responsable for there own actions. Thank you your posting on this subject.I am glad to see some comments posted. That seems to be as rare as a system that plays both PS3 and XB360 games. As avid and responseable gamers of all ages need to realize ,that if we don't start becoming aware of these right-wing idiots plans to blame video games for all the worlds woes,video games could become like books in Germany were during WW2. As I like to say,Video games don't kill people,people play video games to keep from killing people!! Young people that enjoy video games need to be aware that there actions now will mean that video games will still be here when there in there 50's like me!

  • ZED

    How do you learn to do this from GTA. It's not like GTA showed them how do make a molotov cocktail. People blame everyone and everything on what they do by what they see. The police should charge the parents or even the company that sold the games to the kids. If you don't have ID or a parent with you to get and —>R<— rated game then don't sell the game to them. It's an R rated game, 18+ to get the game not 15. Would you give 'Leisure Suit Larry" to a 12 year old?