GameHounds Episode 28: Offend Everybody

In this very special episode of GameHounds, Alex P. Keaton says goodbye to his sister Mallorie… Wait, that’s not right. Sorry. Channeling 80s sitcoms again.

In this very special episode of GameHounds, Edie Sellers and Cooper Hawkes welcome a guest host, Mrs. LeftyBrown of The Married Gamers podcast. They talk about dead celebrities and colored poo. No really. That part’s true.

Really. Stop laughing.

When not explaining exactly what blue food coloring does to your body and Mrs. LeftyBrown weakly attemping to assert that her listeners are better than our listeners, they also delve deep into the last week of gaming industry news.

Topics and links (and how YOU can make Mrs. LeftyBrown eat her words) after the jump…


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