Madden 09 Midnight Sale Tonight!

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Hey what is up everybody at PN and XBL Radio, Mr B4 here giving you the latest news as to what is going on in the gaming community. Today I have an announcement for you about the upcoming release of a game that everyone who is a gamer, whether they like sports or not, should know what it is. What am I talking about, I am talking about Madden NFL 09.  I will be picking up both the 360 and Wii versions of this game tonight when I go to the midnight sale at my local Gamestop.

You might be asking yourself, well, it is just another madden game with  updated rosters, and barely any new features at all, why should I pick it up again? First of all, the release of this game marks the 20 year anniversary since the franchise has started, and you should also buy it because of some of the other great features that this game has to provide.

Here are some of the features that this latest installment is going to have, for both the Wii and 360/PS3:

Xbox 360/PS3 version

1. Online Leagues of up to 32 teams with flexible scheduling and stat tracking.

2. Touchdown celebrations.

3. VR Trainer that allows you to set your own skill level for how you will play the game.

4. Much needed updated graphics.

5. Wider view of the field, so now you can see what your doing during a play.

6. EA Sports Backtrack and Rewind so you can see what you did wrong during a play, and how to correct the issue in order for you to be successful the next time you do that play.

7. Return missed field goals back for touchdowns.

8. Collectors edition comes with NFL Head Coach 09, Madden NFL 93, and a bonus DVD.

9. $50 coupon book if you pre-order at Gamestop. Which is good for reserving games, buying accessories, etc.

Wii Version (All Play Edition)

1. Mii Integration that allows you to use your Mii as a referee during each game.

2. Call your shots mode, which is a point and click feature in which you can create your own hot routes during plays. works with every mode in the game, including online.

3. New tackling system, all you have to do is swing the Wii remote forward, and your defender will lock on to another player and deliver a big hit.

4. 5 on 5 backyard football mode, with 4 plays available for offense and defense to choose from by simply pressing up, down, left, or right on the d-pad.

5. Green and red light indicators over receivers to let you know when they are open or covered.

6. Celebrate after toucdowns by shaking Wii Remote and Nunchuk together, doing enough of the celebrations will offer a temporary stat boost to that specific player.

7. Easier to navigate play selection screen for both the offense and defense.

Did that conivce you enough to buy either version of this game?. If it did not, then do not worry about it, but if it did, be sure to pick it up tonight. If you pre-ordered at Gamestop, check and see if they are doing a midnight sale. I will provide a link to the list of all of the midnight sale locations just in case. It will start at 10 o’clock, so get there early, and have some fun.

Until next time gamers, this is B4 signing off

Take Care,

Mr B4

Link to midnight store openings:

P.S.- I will try to get a video, and some pics of me at the event, but no promises.



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